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The world doesn't need another million words. It needs the action of one, times a million.

I believe that the future of life on Earth depends on how effectively we help young people realise their potential. Join me in my mission to mobilise the emerging generation of leaders.  

[o] Ivor Condric


I’ve been on this planet 21 years, and spent the past 10 trying to save it.

After growing up in Australia's tropical North Queensland, I moved to Indonesia to study at the Green School - where kids learn-by-doing in wall-less bamboo classrooms. From the jungle, I discovered my love for lobbying. I graduated at 16 to work in Silicon Valley, developing national youth strategy with Impossible Foods founder Pat O’Brown, before leading international marketing campaigns for Leaders’ Quest 
in London. In 2018, I started consulting companies at Volans alongside John Elkington - global authority on business as a force for good. 


In the same year, I volunteered in classrooms across the UK to help young people turn passion into action. It soon became clear that while lots of students wanted to make a difference, many felt helpless to do so - frustrated by those in power, and immobilised by their own self-limiting beliefs. I started researching the psychology of agency and evolving a formula to mobilise mindsets. This led me to start Force of Nature - a launchpad for young people to realise their potential by taking on the planet's messiest problems. 




Through thought leadership, accelerated programmes, and strategic consulting, we're helping the emerging generation of leaders step up, rather than shut down, in the face of the climate crisis. 





LANDING 04/06/2020 



Anxious that the future will be a dystopian blockbuster? Know the solution is bigger than buying another reusable coffee cup?
Want to make a difference but don’t know where to start?

This is your crash course in becoming
a Force of Nature.




Tipping point, Nat Geo x P&G

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A friend recently told me, 'Young people know what they’re angry about before they know who they are.' What if we were to listen?


Imagine a world where we stopped asking our youngest and brightest to pick ‘convenient’ careers - and started asking them which challenges they wish to solve.”

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