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Activist. Entrepreneur. Global speaker.  


From students in the classroom, to leaders in the boardroom: my mission is to help people step up rather than shut down in the face of the climate crisis." 


Clover Hogan is a 24-year-old climate activist and the founding Executive Director of Force of Nature - a youth non-profit mobilising mindsets for climate action.

She has worked alongside the world’s leading authorities on sustainability, consulted within the boardrooms of Fortune 50 companies, and helped students in 50+ countries take action. 


Clover has taken the stage alongside global change-makers such as Jane Goodall and Vandana Shiva; interviewed the 14th Dalai Lama; and her TED talk has been viewed almost 2 million times. 

Force of Nature
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We're a youth nonprofit mobilising mindsets for climate action. We help young people turn eco-anxiety into action, and work with leaders to drive intergenerational solutions.

For speaking requests and all other enquiries, reach out below


We won't solve the climate crisis with the same people and thinking that created it.

We need new voices in the room."

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